“Craicdown was brilliant! Your energy was the perfect complement to the day.”

Gary Mitchell, Ocrafolk Festival Director


“Great show in Swansboro tonight guys. On behalf of the Seaside Arts Council, we appreciate what a great performance you gave us. The crowd really enjoyed you….let’s do it again next year! I must admit that I was a little nervous when I booked you b/c all I had to go by was your cd…Well, you exceeded my expectations. Thank you very much!”

Angie Cooper, President, Seaside Arts Council


craic (krak), n. fun, amusement, enjoyment

craicdown, n. a good time


Craicdown describes its music as WORLD ACOUSTICANA — acoustic roots music with a high-energy, rock inspired flair. Mixing musical influences from many parts of the world, the Craicdown sound is refreshingly distinctive and unique yet always appealing