CD notes:

1. No Reward
ROB – Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Fiddle, Bass, Guitar Banjo
DAVID – Accordion
JIM – Drum Set, Percussion, B3 Organ
This is our call to arms, an invocation aimed at anyone who is feeling held down or judged to enjoy life in the moment. You could say that Bob Marley’s Jah Live and Get Up, Stand Up were two spiritual, if not musical, guides to the creation of this song.
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2. Roads
ROB – Lead Vocal, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass
DAVID – Accordion, Background Vocal
JIM – Cajon Kit, Percussion
Our title track, a statement of purpose. Travelling allows you to shed your skin, to become something other than what people think you are, as true for life as it is for music.
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3. Polly Put the Kettle On / Monique at the Anvil / Chinkapin Hunting
ROB – Acoustic Guitar, Fiddle
DAVID – Accordion
JIM – Cajon Kit
Appalachian tunes, old and new, as interpreted through a wound-up accordion, plus two lads who were listening to Led Zeppelin III when they should’ve been doing their sums.

4. I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry
ROB – Vocal, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Fretless Bass
DAVID – Accordion
JIM – Drum Set, Percussion
Yes, the Hank Sr. song. We kept the lyrics and started over with the music; the honky-tonk is all gone, but what remains is stark and haunting. There isn’t a more evocative set of lyrics out there.

5. The Monaghan Jig / The Lost and Found
ROB – Flute
DAVID – Cittern
JIM – Cajon Kit, Percussion
Two traditional jigs, played Doolin-style on the flute, with inspired accompaniment from the boys.

6. Baker’s Favorite / MacArthur Road / Sevens
ROB – Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin, Electric Sitar
DAVID – Accordion
JIM – Cajon Kit, Percussion, Handsonic, Hand Claps
Wow…what to say. Modern tunes, played modern style, but with respect for the tradition. Most of the way through, that is. Is that an electric Sitar? Why, yes it is!

7. Up In the Air
ROB – Vocal, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Fretless Bass, Melodica, Alto Whistle
DAVID – Accordion
JIM – Drum Set, Percussion
Our statement on the border fence. More generally, it’s about the various people who came here to make this nation great and the troubles they encountered on the way. The Wailers influenced this one in a more musical sense.
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8. Payadora
ROB – Acoustic Guitar
DAVID – Accordion
JIM – Cajon Kit
Argentinian proto-tango. We threw our backs into this one!

9. Tudo Que Você Podia Ser
ROB – Vocal, Acoustic Guitar, Fretless Bass, Alto Whistle, Bamboo Flute DAVID – Cittern
JIM – Solo Djembe, Brazilian Percussion, Handsonic
A song of great passion, sung in Portuguese, from the pen of Lo Borges and made famous by Milton Nascimento.

10. Apanhei-te Cavaquinho
ROB – Acoustic Guitar DAVID – Accordion JIM – Cajon Kit
Choro, plain and simple. Just don’t ask us to pronounce the name! (We think it’s Apanyet KavaKEENho).

11. Casey Comes Back / Gretchen’s Wedding
ROB – Flute, Tenor Banjo
DAVID – Cittern
JIM – Cajon Kit
The first reel was composed for Mike Casey, the great flute player whose presence on the scene is sorely missed. The same could be said of fiddler Gretchen Koehler, the inspiration for the second reel.

12. Petteway’s Getaway / The Sculptress / Daisy Chain
ROB – Acoustic Guitar, Electric Bass
DAVID – Accordion JIM – Cajon Kit
Three tunes from David’s pen, the first dedicated to guitarist Bernie Petteway and pianist Diane Petteway–and their “other” home in Boone, NC.

13. Hiawatha Two Step
DAVID – Accordion
Wherein we toddle off, leaving the whole carnival to fend for itself.

Recording Engineer – Jerry Brown
Recorded at The Rubber Room, Chapel Hill, NC
Music Editing, Additional Recording – Jim Roberts
Mix Engineer – Neal Cappellino
Mixing Assistant – Matt Rausch
Mastering Engineer – Brent Lambert
Mastered at Kitchen Mastering, Carrboro, NC
Design/Photography – Michael Snyder
Band Photograph – Donn Young
Produced by Rob Sharer and Jim Roberts

Roads, Up In the Air, No Reward, Casey Comes Back, Gretchen’s Wedding by Rob Sharer
Petteway’s Getaway, The Sculptress, Daisy Chain by David DiGiuseppe
Baker’s Favorite by Larry Unger
Sevens by Liz Carroll
Monique at the Anvil by Rebecca McCallum
Tudo Que Você Podia Ser by Lô Borges and Márcio Borges
I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry by Hank Williams, Sr
Apanhei-te Cavaquinho by Ernesto Nazareth
Payadora by Julian Plaza
MacArthur Road by Dave Richardson, Gilderoy Music, 31 Fountainhall Road, Edinburgh EH9 2LN, Scotland UK
Other tunes traditional