craic (krak), n. fun, amusement, enjoyment
craicdown, n. a good time

Craicdown describes its music as WORLD ACOUSTICANA -- acoustic roots music with a high-energy, rock inspired flare. Integrating musical influences from many parts of the world, Craicdown creates a distinctive and unique sound which defies easy categorization, but is simultaneously familiar and appealing.

Drawing from both traditional sources as well as penning much of their own material, Craicdown's repertoire includes both songs and instrumental pieces ranging in style from Americana to reggae-sounding vocals, from Celtic influenced jigs and reels to the music of Brazil and Argentina.

The ensemble’s instrumentation set it apart from other acoustic acts. The band features Rob Sharer on guitar, flute, fiddle and vocals; David DiGiuseppe on accordion and Irish cittern; and Jim Roberts on percussion.

Craicdown has recently released their debut CD entitled Roads, available on iTunes, and CDbaby.

Craicdown's ability to harmoniously blend instruments and styles from all over the world serves to reinforce their message that music has the power to heal and unite. A collaboration of three spirited players, this trio brings to the stage musical inspiration, a fire in their fingers, and a love for their art.

" Great show in Swansboro tonight guys. On behalf of the Seaside Arts Council, we appreciate what a great performance you gave us. The crowd really enjoyed you....let's do it again next year! I must admit that I was a little nervous when I booked you b/c all I had to go by was your cd...Well, you exceeded my expectations. Thank you very much!"
Angie Cooper, President
Seaside Arts Council

" Craicdown was brilliant! Your energy was
the perfect complement to the day."

Gary Mitchell
Ocrafolk Festival Director

" You guys sounded fantastic! I was really impressed
with the performance. Such great energy and really interesting arrangements and textures...The CD is also very impressive, but it was very revealing to see it live and experience the energy and drive first-hand. Mighty Fine."

Dave Tilley
TaintRadio cofounder


" You guys were (as usual) spectacular...the whole Festival was, really. But honestly...we drove all the way down from Boston, and if we hadn't seen anything but Craicdown, it would have been SO worth it."
Susan Dodd

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